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Play Dragon Link Slot Machine for Fun by Aristocrat

Throughout history, numerous references are made using the colorful Chinese culture. It can be seen in movies, games, and other kinds of entertainment media. One such addition is the slot machine called the Dragon Link. Made by Aristocrat, the game has been added to numerous land-based casinos. Casino Journal even named it as one of the awardees of Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards in 2016, a significant achievement in the gambling industry.

With this in mind, fans of the Chinese culture or that who grew on it will feel like home playing this game. There are different options to choose from, and the game is equally fun in all of them. Let's spin the reels and know more about the Dragon Link Slot.

Dragon Link Slot Review

Dragon Link Slot Machine is a slot machine released on land-based casinos on NSW, ACT, NT, QLD, and VIC regions. Aristocrat distributes the games while HRG Studios was the one who developed it. Every kind of player will find something to enjoy in this game, as it offers both high and low denominations for betting.

You can find up to eight different themes for this game on land-based casinos. The Golden Century theme is the most common. The other themes are Peace & Long Life, Genghis Khan, Spring Festival, Happy and Prosperous, Autumn Moon, Peacock Princess, and Panda Magic. Most of the cabinet is available in 1¢, 2¢, 5¢, 10¢, $1, and $2.

The game is available in both 50- and 25- active pay lines. Take note that you can't change the number of active pay lines in the machine, so check before you play. Just like other slot machines, this game operates five reels. Fortunately for those who like to play in a long-term run, automatic betting is an option. In addition to this, the slot features scatter symbols, wild symbols, a bonus game, multiplier, and free spins. Its most notable feature is the hold and turn, which allows more winnings.

How to Play the Game?

Playing the Dragon Link slot is very easy and straight forward. Just choose the amount of bet that you prefer and roll the reels and hope to get a winning combination. Like other games from Aristocrat, this slot features symbols like the kings, queens, numbers, and letters. The aesthetic will depend on the theme of your cabinet. For example, if you use the Golden Century version, its icons will feature an emperor. It is a fun way to test your luck and win prizes even, even in lower denominations.

Free Spins Mode and Bonuses

Hold & Spin Features

One of the features of this game is the Hold & Spin features. If six or more jackpot symbols appeared on the screen all at once, the “Hold And Spin” feature is triggered. In this mode, you will have several free spins. Instead of the original reels, the free spins will be used on another reel that features coin multipliers, which multiplies your bet.

Grand Jackpot

A grand jackpot is also available in this game, and it is related to the Hold & Spin feature. Once all the 15 slots on the screen were filled with multipliers, you will win the jackpot. In this game, the prize can reach up to $10,000. You must fill all the slots within the number of free spins that you received from the Hold & Spins feature.

Yellow Dragon

When three or more wilds appear on the screen at the same time, it will trigger the Yellow Dragon symbol. A mini-game will start where you’ll play as a dragon and beat an enemy dragon. If you manage to defeat the enemy dragon, you can win up to 40x your bet, which is a sweet prize. You’ll still get a multiplier even if your dragon loses, but your winnings will not be as big compared to your winnings when you win the mini-game.

Best Ways to Win At Dragon Link Slot

The best way to win the Dragon Link Slot is to bet based on the appearance of the bonus rounds. Since Dragon Link is a high volatility slot machine, you will need to adjust your bet. Bet big if the pattern is right and when it seems like the wild is coming. The RTP of this slot machine is at 95.19%, which is somehow decent for a medium to high volatility gaming.


Overall, the Dragon Link pokies from Aristocrat is an excellent land-based game that balances free spins, side games, and scatter bonuses. It’s a great game to try on when you want to pass the time. Hopefully, a free-to-play online version would be available in the future.

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