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Slots provide an ample chance for anyone who’s looking to gain massively from a combination of several symbols. Casinos around the world have so many slot machines, and some of them have gained widespread popularity for offering a much higher chance of winning. The FAFA slot machine falls within this category as punters are afforded a great opportunity of earning huge payouts.

The FAFAFA slot machine is one of Aristocrat’s many products, and this particular one also delivers in terms of powerful graphics. The great storyline as well as intriguing features like the FAFAFA free coins that can be used by the players to earn more money.

FAFAFA slot review

This is a pokie that has Chinese design and offers lots of possibilities for both the high rollers as well as the rookie players. A common feature of most slot machines is the restriction of punters to a single denomination for wagers. However, they offer the unique chance of choosing whichever denomination they'd desire to place their bets in. This provides a great deal of flexibility to players.

The FAFAFA pokie is also unique due to its touch screen feature; not many slot machines can boast of this feature, and it is, therefore, a huge plus for the FAFAFA slot pokie. Furthermore, the FAFAFA slot machine is pokie-styled, and it has a total of 5 reels; players are allowed to bet up to 50 cents per line, and this brings the total bet on all the lines to $2.5. A combination of 3 symbols on the reels guarantees a bonus round for the player, and this bonus round includes free spins that further boosts a player’s chances of winning.

Theme and Format

It is modeled on a Chinese based theme that signifies luck. In Chinese society, FAFAFA means 888, and this is believed to be the luckiest possible combination of numbers when it comes to Chinese Numerology. It’s a combination of numbers that are greatly sought after in China because of the luck it brings.

The theme is heavily inspired by Chinese culture, and most of the symbols and characters support this fact. It features a colorful combination of red and gold theme as well as a catchy soundtrack every time the player spins the reel. Some of the symbols that represent the luck enhancing belief that has been synchronized include: bamboos, gold coins, gold dragons, lanterns, and smiling Buddha. The developers of this game have used this assumption to produce the Chinese-inspired theme product.

Progressive Jackpot

The game features a system of a four-level progressive jackpot that significantly enhances a player’s chances of hitting a big jackpot. Furthermore, the FAFA slot is connected to other land pokies, and this makes it possible for a player to earn varying impressive prizes. The intriguing thing about jackpot system is that it is a bit more accessible due to multi-jackpot setup; this is quite unlike other machines where all the players battle hard to reach a single jackpot.

Being a hyperlink game, the jackpots of several other poker machines are linked with the FAFAFA. To put this into perspective, when a player hits the jackpot on any of the interlinked games, he/she gets a prize from the entire series in huge sums of money. Other games are Five Dragons, Choy Sun Doa, and 50 dragons.

RTP and Payout

From close observation of other products from Aristocrat technology, it is expected that the RTP should range from 94.80% to 97%. The fact that the pokie has five pay lines means there’s a high chance that it would be a low volatility game, this means that players get to cash in on prices in less frequent manners than in a high volatility title.

How to win on FAFAFA gaming slots?

There are no sure guarantees when it comes to playing online games, but there are specific strategies you can employ to boost your chances of winning. It’s always good to set a particular amount you want to wager and stick with that amount; this makes it easier to calculate your winnings at any point. It’s also essential to employ the use of a betting strategy that works for you, and this might go a long way in boosting your winning chances. Most punters usually employ the martingale betting system as it guarantees a profit in the end.


This is one of the best when it comes to huge payouts and a robust jackpot system. The Chinese-inspired theme also makes it unique, and players are sure to become attracted to its features. The introduction of the FAFAFA free coins also makes it unique and popular amongst gambling folks around the world.

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